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Dr. Van Camp is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  She is a board certified behavior analyst at the doctoral level. She earned a doctoral degree in school psychology with an emphasis in applied behavior analysis from Louisiana State University.  She completed a predoctoral internship at the University of Florida and The Department of Children and Families, Behavior Analysis Services Program, where she focused on behavioral parent training.  Dr. Van Camp has conducted research in the area of severe behavior disorders in home, school, and in-patient settings, as well as research in physical activity in children.  Her research has been published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Therapy, Behavioral Interventions, Journal of Behavioral Education, and Research on Social Work Practice.  Dr. Van Camp served on the Board of Editors of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and also served as a guest associate editor.  

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